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The 2CV has also been used for travel around the world. In 19581959 two young Frenchmen, Jean-Claude Baudot and Jacques seguela

started at the Paris Motor Show on October 9, 1958, headed south and crossed the Mediterranean by boat from Port Venders to Algeria; traversed the African continent and crossed the South Atlantic from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro; cris-crossed South America and the United States and boated from San Francisco to Yokohama. They returned to Paris on November 11, 1959. During the 13 months, they drove 100 000 kilometres, and consumed 5 000 litres of petrol and 36 tires.

Citroen promoted 2CV events called 'Raids' in the 1970s and main dealers would supply a ruggedising kit. Paris to Persepolis in Iran was best known.